Friday, October 20, 2023

Isaiah 61: Your Mission ... Should You Choose to Accept It

Read the first five installments of the 30-part devotional series based on Isaiah 61, right here on Strike the Jordan!

Isaiah 61: Your Mission ...
Should You Choose to Accept It

by Brad Fenichel

Published: 10/2023

“The LORD has anointed Me ... to console those who mourn in Zion ... And they shall rebuild ... raise up ... and repair ...”

What could I do in my lifetime that would move the needle on world peace?  World hunger?  World revival?  What could I possibly do to stop a thousand runaway trains in our nation today, all heading toward the precipice of disaster and divine judgment?

Join Brad Fenichel, author and founder of the National Minute of Prayer, on an action-packed 30-day devotional journey through Isaiah 61—the “Messianic playbook” which Jesus Himself quoted as His inaugural speech in Luke 4, and which contains marching orders for us, the corps of “Blessed Mourners” ordained to continue His mission.

Each of the 30 devotionals inspires prayer and meditation on a specific segment of our Lord's Isaiah 61 commission.

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