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Curse of the Skunk People
Or, Piercing the Mist to Move the Mountain

"The book that will revolutionize your prayer life,"
by "Aquila Navarro" (Brad Fenichel)

Published: 10/2023

Willi Wagner, a young Anabaptist, fled his native Germany in 1916 on a pilgrimage that would take him deep into the forgotten sierras of Central Mexico in his search for the legendary Skunk People. At stake … the very notion that God still cares to be involved with men and women in our own time!

Wagner’s dogged tenacity, through triumph and tragedy, stands as an inspiration for those of us living a century later who would dare—as he did—to believe that God not only exists, but that He rewards those who diligently seek Him.

Told in parable form, this fictional story is a challenge for each of us to connect with God and discover personal revival and the fulfillment of His purposes for us in our generation.  The book is presented in ten chapters, with a corresponding ten-part Study Guide (included in the back of the book) for personal devotions or small groups.

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Isaiah 61: Your Mission ...
Should You Choose to Accept It

by Brad Fenichel

Published: 10/2023

“The LORD has anointed Me ... to console those who mourn in Zion ... And they shall rebuild ... raise up ... and repair ...”

What could I do in my lifetime that would move the needle on world peace?  World hunger?  World revival?  What could I possibly do to stop a thousand runaway trains in our nation today, all heading toward the precipice of disaster and divine judgment?

Join Brad Fenichel, author and founder of the National Minute of Prayer, on an action-packed 30-day devotional journey through Isaiah 61—the “Messianic playbook” which Jesus Himself quoted as His inaugural speech in Luke 4, and which contains marching orders for us, the corps of “Blessed Mourners” ordained to continue His mission.

Each of the 30 devotionals inspires prayer and meditation on a specific segment of our Lord's Isaiah 61 commission.

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The Big Ben Minute
by Andrew Herbert Dakers
Republished and prefaced by Brad Fenichel

Published: 4/2012
Originally published by Andrew Dakers, Ltd., London (1943), this is the most comprehensive narrative of the Big Ben Minute's history and significance. 

After 69 years, this classic was brought back to press by Saddle Mountain Communications and  The 2012 edition is prefaced by Brad Fenichel and also includes a new foreword by the late author's grandsons, Alan and Stewart Dakers (U.K.).

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Mighty: Taking America Back (Coming Soon)
by Brad Fenichel
Release Date: 2024

Is it too late for America?  Panic erupts across the nation after a white-bearded, homeless eccentric appears in the tiny hamlet of Lebanon, Kansas and issues a declaration of war.

This story, based on Aquila's manuscript God's Half Acre: A Playbook for Restorative Awakening, is a road map for American's journey back.
The After Effect (Coming Soon)
by Brad Fenichel
Release Date: 2025

Can the past be changed—without time travel?

Brad follows the tale of Desi Zavala GarcĂ­a, a convert of the '70s Jesus People movement, whose itch to understand his own troubled past lures him to an offbeat hamlet in Mexico.  Caught in a race against time, and facing down spiritual forces beyond his caliber, Desi must unravel the enigmas of his own childhood and, with the help of a dying hermit named Aquila, solve the mystery of a lost colony in the Mexican Sierra Madre.

As the boundaries between reality and illusion become increasingly blurred, Desi finds himself wondering whether time itself is working backwards.  But, you be the judge!
More Aquila!
Brad and Desi team up to bring more of Aquila's manuscripts to publication.  Here are a few of the titles in their queue for 2026 and beyond:

The Fall of Sion - A sobering account, based on a true story, of how one wasted life impacts countless others.

Beyond the Veil - Not only is Creation confined to four dimensions, but man himself is unconstrained in only two of these.  And yet, Octavio the Blacksmith is convinced of the existence of a Fifth Dimension, without which the other four will soon cease to exist!  Join Octavio and his companions as they embark on their life-and-death quest for the Lost Portal.